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A simple collection of doggy parent experiences that we have gained throughout the years, including tips, tricks, and even recipes.


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Not just for the fur babies, come see a little part of the human side behind Daysie’s little peach fuzz. A little bit of DIY, creative and more.


Featured Woof


This week we celebrated Daysie's fourth birthday party along with some of her siblings gotcha day. We usually purchase a birthday cake from our local dog bakery, but we wanted to do something a little bit different for her and her siblings; a customized home-made individual birthday cake.

This recipe is grain-free, using coconut flour (has a sweet smell of coconuts!) You can bake this cake on a baking sheet or you can hand mold each using a round cutter to get more cake. If you don't have a circular cutter, you can always cut using a knife and make little square cakes! Both very adorable!


Featured Travel

Salton Sea

Bombay Beach located on the shores of the Salton Sea can be described as one of the most surreal locations. This tiny town, now consisting of only 200 people, was once a popular tourist and recreation destination where boating, sports fishing and vacationing reigned supreme. Now, the town littered with salt covered run down trailers and empty homes is all that is left.

Sitting -200 feet below sea level, the Salton Sea was a miracle of nature as it is typically a barren desert and hundreds of miles away from a large body of water. The Salton sea as we know it now was first caused by massive flooding in 1905 from the Colorado River, it created the largest lake in California by surface area. This "miracle" created a 15 by 35 mile lake which quickly became a popular tourist attraction by the 1950s. Hotels, yacht clubs, homes, and schools sprang up along the shores as the Salton Sea became a resort destination. Its legacy was short lived.